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It's All In Your Head - A Collection of Mental Illness (w/Slip Cover)

$ 70

"2 years ago I created 31 different mental health behaviors for the annual Inktober series (where every October, artists draw a piece of art in ink for each day), having no idea that those images would completely change my life. With every illness I posted, people from around the world reached out saying the artwork described how they felt when their words couldn’t, and for a moment, the art helped them not feel so alone in their battles. 

    Mental health professionals from the US and Europe now use the artwork as a way to help speak to their clients, and I couldn't be more honored. By creating art that focuses on our hidden, but universal struggles, I too have been able to open up about my own battles with depression so that others won't feel so alone. With this book, I want to help bring comfort for those who need it on a larger scale, and I can only make this happen with your help. I want this to be more than just a book of art. I want this to be the first step for many to start a movement using darker art as a way of communicating how we feel.   

     The book will feature all of my mental health and human condition art with descriptions as well as the inspiration for each piece giving fans a never before seen look into the process. I want to remove the stigma around mental health so that we can all begin the healing, together. I hope you’ll join me . Armor up, and battle on." - Shawn Coss

*Book includes Inktober Illness Series I , FearTober , Human Conditions , and Kindergarten.

*Some slipcase covers may have defects/dents/imperfections much like our own mental health.

*Not responsible for international customs charges that may occur when picking up from buyer’s customs office.

*Not responsible for reshipment of packages due to invalid address. Buyer agrees to repay for shipping.

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